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From Struggle to Success and Stability

Rachelle’s Remarkable Journey Imagine being a single mother of five, including newborn twins, grappling with the weight of substance abuse, and losing custody of three beloved children. This was Rachelle’s reality when she came to the HPC program. The challenges she faced were immense, but her determination to regain her life and provide a safe […]

The HPC Young Adult Program: A Turning Point

Ryan’s Inspirational Journey to Success Life often presents challenges that test our resilience and determination, and Ryan’s story is a testament to the power of unwavering perseverance and the support of the right community. Ryan’s journey from living in his car while trying to finish high school to successfully graduating from the HPC Housing program […]

Christina: Reunited With Her Seven Children

After going through a divorce, Christina had been struggling to establish stability. She was completely reliant on her ex-husband financially, which put her in a situation where she needed to work hard to find a job and gain independence. Since being with Hillcrest she has reunited with her seven children and is finally working on bettering herself. She has […]

J’s Story: Kim Lewis Yates Scholarship

During challenging circumstances, J. found solace and support at Hillcrest Platte County (HPC). Seeking refuge from an abusive family environment and unsafe living conditions, J. arrived at HPC with the determination to complete her high school education. Upon joining the HPC family, J. not only found a safe haven but also a pathway to realizing […]