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Hillcrest Platte County Young Adult Housing Program

Young Adult Success – Building Connections, and Embracing Growth at Hillcrest Platte County

Before Talin’s arrival at Hillcrest, life had taken a challenging turn. He and a friend had lost their apartment due to management changes, leaving them homeless and struggling to make ends meet. Many nights were spent sleeping outdoors, and occasionally, they found shelter in the back room of the fast-food restaurant where they were employed. Both Talin and his friend joined our program, seeking a fresh start.

While adjusting to the program’s financial restrictions on spending was tough, Talin’s determination to improve his circumstances was unwavering. As he began saving money, you could see the gleam in his eyes as his bank account grew. He’d often say, “I’ve never had this much money in my life.” Talin quickly embraced the principles and guidelines set by HPC and was eager to make them work. Maintaining a strict budget became second nature, thanks to his dedication and the support of his case manager.

Talin also made excellent use of the resources available at Hillcrest. He found invaluable support in the counseling center, which played a pivotal role in his journey. In December 2022, he began to work at the Hillcrest Thrift Store and utilize our Hillcrest driver to meet his needs.

Beyond financial stability, Talin possesses a remarkable talent for forging deep, genuine connections with people. His warm personality and affable nature make him an instant friend to those he meets. He even hosted a life skills session for our young adults, showcasing his culinary talents by preparing a meal for everyone.

Talin’s ambitions extend beyond his time at HPC. He’s determined to obtain his driver’s license and continues to embrace opportunities to grow and give back. Talin has also mended a long-lost connection with his birth family. This was a vital and heartwarming part of his time spent at Hillcrest, bringing closure and renewal.

With his natural leadership skills, selfless volunteering, and passion for helping others, Talin has truly shone.

In his own words, “I’ve come a really long way through this program, and I really appreciate every single one of you who has been here with me. It has been a long year but it has been a good year. I’ve enjoyed helping, I’ve enjoyed working at Hillcrest, and I plan to continue helping where I can. I don’t plan on not visiting, I plan on swinging by, some might say being a case manager at one point, but that’s way down the road. It’s been an adventure, and it’s been a fun one, and I’m grateful for absolutely everyone who has been here to help support.”

We look forward to witnessing the incredible future he is creating.