Helping Homeless Families – Find Their Way Home

Our Mission

Hillcrest Platte County is a Christian organization that offers supportive services for individuals and families who are homeless or insecurely housed to achieve sustainable independence.

Our Program

Unlike many organizations whose focus is one-time or emergency care, our primary objective is to move clients from homelessness to self-sufficiency by addressing the total life situation of homeless families we serve.

In exchange for rent/utility-free housing, adults are required by written agreement to find full-time employment, obey program guidelines and attend weekly volunteer-taught classes in life skills, employment, community living, and budgeting.

Our Stores

When you shop at any of our three locations, volunteer, or when people buy what you’ve donated, the proceeds help pay the bills for all of our housing facilities and programs.

In fact, buying items from any of our stores, donating items, or volunteering is like giving money to Hillcrest Platte County. So, thank you!

In Their Words

HPC’s impact is best told through the stories of our graduates.

Shelby and Jessica

Young Adult Testimonials


Becomes a business and a homeowner.


Has a plan, a sense of family and a place to call home.


Has a hope, a home, a job, skills and a future.

Hillcrest Platte County offers a hand up for families and individuals working to transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

To reach our Thrift Shops, call:

Picture Hills (816) 505-0200

Platte City (816) 858-7717

Clearance Thrift (816) 505-7963