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Hillcrest Platte County tops the list of organizations I support because they make a difference in our community. I appreciate how it empowers people to be their best selves by taking responsibility. Everybody comes across hard times. HPC assists people in getting over the hump and on the road to financial and personal recovery

I love how HPC serves as a connector between agencies as well. They partner with the Platte County Economic Development Council in communicating their services to member employers and building employment partners for program participants. Some of the other agencies who partner with HPC are the Full Employment Council, Platte County Health Department, Synergy Services, and Northland Miracles. If HPC cant help, they have a resource list of other area agencies

I have seen firsthand how well the program works. I recently noticed a homeless woman utilizing the public building where I work to hang out in when off work. It was winter cold and snowy outside. She was employed and showed up for work every day, but shed had some hard knocks and was trying to survive as best she knew how. I knew she was seeking shelter any place she could at night, and still I could not bear the thought of her sleeping outside in the dead of winter. Because I knew the work and mission of HPC, I put her in touch with them

I am so proud to know that she graduated from the program, improved her employment, and is moving into Tier II housing, a less structured environment within the organization giving her the opportunity to continue to work toward the goals she set during her initial residence

The piece that really tugs at my heart is HPCs work with homeless young adults. How can that be? Young adults without a home? The Kansas City area has a growing population of foster kids aging out of the system, kids kicked out of homes and young moms with kids out on their own. I so appreciate HPC taking on the task of addressing the problem

I believe so strongly in the program that I did a Facebook fundraiser for my birthdaya first for me! It was easy to set up and in a couple of days, I increased my goal twice. I didnt know what kind of response to expect from my Facebook friends, so I was delighted when the end result was $320 raised! It was a rewarding first time out, and it sure beats raising money via a bake sale; you dont want me to bake anyway. Ha

I would encourage readers to volunteer their time and talents to help in the mission of providing a hand up to working homeless families and individuals or to sponsor a Facebook fundraiser as I did. I am honored to serve on the HPC board and so proud of its work and mission

About the Author:

Alicia Stephens is the Executive Director at Platte County EDC,

She is also on the board of Hillcrest Platte County


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Hello friends, and welcome to our first blog post!

We are excited to get started on this new journey and hope you come along with us. We will feature some great topics centered around our mission and the community, which will also include content from guest bloggers. For our first blog, we want to give you a brief insight on how you can get plugged in to our mission and what HPC is all about.

You have heard the phrase “it takes a village”, well at HPC it does! We love our volunteers and could not provide the assistance to homeless families and individuals without the support of our volunteer base. Volunteers fill the role of budget counselor, mentor, church sponsor, resident manager and thrift shop volunteer. Each are important in supporting our program. We encourage people interested in joining our team to determine what their skill set is and what role best matches that. Getting plugged in to what God has wired you for is a very fulfilling experience.  Joining the HPC team provides a sense of belonging for seniors who live alone, fulfillment for retirees looking for a way to give back and accomplishment for employees who have been given the directive to volunteer by employers.

What does all this volunteer time mean to HPC participants? I like to picture a triangle when viewing the organization from the bottom up. With that triangle in mind, the bottom third is our thrift operations which support the entire organization financially and by providing an environment in which our participants can shop through vouchers for what they need. The middle third of the triangle is our support staff which includes a healthy amount of volunteer time in maintaining grounds, housing projects and office assistance. Both the thrift and operations departments support the pinnacle of the organization: our transitional and young adult housing programs. One of the things I love about our logo is the symbol of people with hands raised up providing a visual of what everyone does: helping homeless families find their way home in whatever role you play. All roles support this worthy cause.

HPC has an extensive group of partners throughout Platte County that provide services at reduced rates such as legal advice, medical care and housing; food donations, employment and other needed goods and services. It is very rewarding to see a community come together to assist in a program with proven results.Proof of the support we receive is the fact that our program is 100% privately funded!

In future blogs you will be hearing first hand from a budget counselor, senior living expert, HPC board members, former participants, a thrift volunteer and staff members. We are excited to take the many facets of HPC and break them down to give you a broader view of our program and its many components. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining together to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

About the Author:

Karen Wagoner is the Director of Operations & Events at Hillcrest. She is the wife of Roger, mother to Emily and Megan, and grandma to Gracie, Caroline, and Benjamin. She loves reading, walks on the beach, and family time.

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