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Hillcrest Platte County Adult Housing Program

Tara Dawson – HPC Adult Participant Success

Tara’s journey with our program began in August of 2023 when she courageously fled domestic violence, seeking safety and a fresh start for herself and her daughter. Despite the challenges they faced upon arrival, including the loss of their housing due to garnished wages, the duo embraced their new beginning with unwavering courage.

Striving to provide, Tara dove headfirst into full-time work at the VA hospital, where she excels in her role as a housekeeper. Meanwhile, her daughter balances part-time work with her studies as a dedicated junior in high school, immersing herself in dance and cheerleading activities.

Throughout their journey, Tara’s infectious sense of humor, care for presenting herself well, and steadfast trust in God have been a source of inspiration. Despite facing multiple losses of loved ones in recent months, Tara remains steadfast, relying on her faith to guide her through life’s challenges.

Through hard work and tenacity, Tara has made significant strides in paying off her barrier debt.

As Tara and her daughter continue on their journey, we stand alongside them, offering our encouragement and support. Together, we celebrate their determination to build a brighter future.