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Bethany – Adult Participant Success

Bethany’s journey with Hillcrest Platte County began in October 2023 when she made the courageous decision to leave behind a toxic living situation. Finding safety and peace at HPC, Bethany was relieved knowing she could finally lay her head down at night without fear. In the HPC program, Bethany’s determination and resilience shone brightly as she […]

Ricky – HPC Adult Participant Success

“Atlanta was a shady place,” Ricky recalled as he reflected on his decision to join our program in November 2023. Disillusioned by the cutthroat nature of the entertainment industry, Ricky made the bold choice to leave Atlanta behind and return to Kansas City in pursuit of a fresh start. Arriving with minimal debt, Ricky’s tenacity propelled him […]

Tara Dawson – HPC Adult Participant Success

Tara’s journey with our program began in August of 2023 when she courageously fled domestic violence, seeking safety and a fresh start for herself and her daughter. Despite the challenges they faced upon arrival, including the loss of their housing due to garnished wages, the duo embraced their new beginning with unwavering courage. Striving to provide, Tara dove […]

Ranesha – HPC Adult Participant Success

Before coming to HPC, Ranesha was challenged by an unsupportive and toxic living situation with a family member. Determined to create a better environment for herself and her children, she made the courageous decision to leave, leading them to spend several months in a hotel. Since then, Ranesha’s life has been marked by numerous moments of celebration […]

Community Chair Yoga at Hillcrest Platte County – Open To All

Unlock Wellness in the New Year with HPC Chair Yoga! Looking for a refreshing New Year’s resolution that promotes both physical and spiritual well-being? Look no further! Join us for HPC Chair Yoga, a rejuvenating practice led by HPC Executive Director, Donice Mahan. Details: When: Every Tuesday Where: Hillcrest Thrift Shop – Picture Hills, Community Room […]

Stock Donations: A Win-Win for Your Heart and Wallet!

When thinking of donating to Hillcrest Platte County, something to consider is the donation of appreciated stock, bonds, or mutual funds. Donating directly to HPC may help you donate more efficiently, saving you money on taxes. The money saved goes directly to HPC as a 501(c) 3 when the full value of the stock is […]

Years of Homelessness to Success – Ivan’s Journey

Ivan’s journey with HPC housing began on April 21st of this year, carrying just a half-filled backpack. At first, he sought simple necessities like clothes and shoes, having been homeless for three years, resorting to couch surfing and hotel stays. Despite the initial defeatist attitude, Ivan’s transformation began through earnest conversations with his case manager. Confronting […]

Young Adult Success – Building Connections, and Embracing Growth at Hillcrest Platte County

Before Talin’s arrival at Hillcrest, life had taken a challenging turn. He and a friend had lost their apartment due to management changes, leaving them homeless and struggling to make ends meet. Many nights were spent sleeping outdoors, and occasionally, they found shelter in the back room of the fast-food restaurant where they were employed. Both […]

Rebecca’s Story – “I gained my strength back here.”

Before coming to HPC, Rebecca endured a series of traumatic experiences, leaving her with deep emotional scars from an abusive marriage and a toxic relationship.  As time passed within the Hillcrest program, an amazing transformation began to unfold. Rebecca, once weighed down by her past, started to discover a newfound independence and inner strength that […]