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How to Shop Tax-Free Every Day

At Hillcrest Platte County, we’re all about making a positive impact on lives in our community.

One of the exciting ways we do this is through our three thrift shops: The Hillcrest Thrift Shop – Picture Hills, The Hillcrest Thrift Shop – Platte City, and The Hillcrest Clearance Outlet. These shops are more than just places to find hidden treasures; they’re hubs of change, hope, and support.

Ready for a shopping adventure that fulfills your retail cravings and puts money back into your wallet?

Every time you shop HPC thrift, you’re not just getting great deals – but you’re also enjoying tax-free shopping every single day. Yes, you heard that right – tax-free shopping every day, not just during tax-free weekend!

Why Tax-Free Shopping Matters

We all know that taxes can take a bite out of your shopping budget. But at the HPC Thrift Shops, you’ll get more bang for your buck. Those extra dollars you’d normally spend on taxes can now be reinvested into your shopping spree, or savings account, allowing you to snag even more fabulous finds. Perhaps you’ll even want to contribute extra support to our incredible initiatives.

Spread the Word and Make a Difference

Now, you might be thinking, “Why isn’t everyone talking about this?” or “How did I not know this?” and those are valid questions! The answer here lies in awareness. That’s where you come in!

By sharing this wonderful news with your friends, family, and fellow HPC supporters, you’re not just informing them about the incredible shopping deals; you’re also inviting them to be a part of something bigger – supporting a nonprofit that’s dedicated to giving a hand up to the working homeless.

The next time you step into an HPC Thrift Shop, you’re not just stepping into a store! You’re stepping into a world where every day is a tax-free shopping spree, and every purchase has the power to create ripples of change in the lives of those around you.

Happy shopping, happy saving, and most importantly, happy giving back!