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Hillcrest Platte County Adult Participant Success Transitional Housing Bethany

Bethany – Adult Participant Success

Bethany’s journey with Hillcrest Platte County began in October 2023 when she made the courageous decision to leave behind a toxic living situation. Finding safety and peace at HPC, Bethany was relieved knowing she could finally lay her head down at night without fear.

In the HPC program, Bethany’s determination and resilience shone brightly as she completed two prerequisite college courses with outstanding grades. These courses serve as a stepping stone for her upcoming master’s degree program in accounting, a field she is passionate about. With a Bachelor’s degree in psychology already under her belt, Bethany’s pursuit of higher education showcases her commitment to personal and professional growth.

One of Bethany’s most significant achievements has been reclaiming her sense of autonomy. No longer controlled by external forces, she confidently makes decisions shaping her future. This newfound confidence is further nurtured through weekly support group sessions, where Bethany bravely addresses past trauma. Attending a recent convention for this support group provided her with invaluable insights and a fresh perspective on her life journey.

Financially, Bethany has made remarkable strides, paying off over $4,585 in debt. Through diligent saving and budgeting, she is nearly out of debt, setting herself up for a stable and secure future. Bethany was recently approved for an apartment of her own, marking a pivotal stride toward independence.

Bethany’s case manager, Lisa, inspired by her determination and growth, does not doubt that she will achieve great things. Bethany extends her gratitude to all those who have stood by her side at HPC.