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Hillcrest Platte County Adult Transitional Housing Program Graduate Success

Ricky – HPC Adult Participant Success

“Atlanta was a shady place,” Ricky recalled as he reflected on his decision to join our program in November 2023. Disillusioned by the cutthroat nature of the entertainment industry, Ricky made the bold choice to leave Atlanta behind and return to Kansas City in pursuit of a fresh start.

Arriving with minimal debt, Ricky’s tenacity propelled him forward. “I’ve got to get a car. I don’t want to ride the bus. I’ve got to get a car,” he declared, setting his sights on securing transportation. Through sheer determination, Ricky accomplished this goal within three weeks, acquiring a car and laying the groundwork for his future plans.

Utilizing a borrowed laptop, Ricky began to formulate his future business plan, determined to turn his dreams into reality. “As soon as it’s done, I’m gonna put it into action,” he’s affirmed.

Since joining the program, Ricky made significant financial progress, paying off a few hundred dollars in debt and saving over five thousand. Ricky’s dedication was rewarded with approval for an apartment, which he moved into on March 1st.

At graduation, Ricky expressed his gratitude by saying, “I just want to thank everyone, and I will definitely say this program is a blessing.”