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Hillcrest Platte County Adult Housing Program

From Eviction to Empowerment: Keona & Family

Keona found herself facing an unexpected turn of events when she resigned from her job at an apartment complex. Rather than receiving the customary two weeks to close out her responsibilities, she was fired and received a notice of eviction due to her lack of employment. During their time of uncertainty, Hillcrest stepped in to provide refuge for this family of five.

Keona, passionate about dance and singing, spent her free time contributing her talents to her church. Meanwhile, Travis, driven by the desire for his family to have a better future, secured improved employment opportunities.

The family’s journey within the program was marked by significant milestones, including the payment of thousands of dollars in debt and the accumulation of a comfortable savings account. Following graduation, the family moved into a home of their own. 

At graduation, Travis expressed his gratitude, saying, “We’d like to thank Hillcrest for everything you’ve done for us. You helped us take care of debt and move forward, and we appreciate it.” Keona echoes this sentiment, acknowledging the kindness and love they found at Hillcrest, a stark contrast to the challenges they faced before.

In her heartfelt words, Keona reflected on the transformative experience, saying, “Thank you so much for this experience because it helped us to heal through what we have been through and helped us to grow.”