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Hillcrest Platte County Adult Housing Program

Rebecca’s Story – “I gained my strength back here.”

Before coming to HPC, Rebecca endured a series of traumatic experiences, leaving her with deep emotional scars from an abusive marriage and a toxic relationship. 

As time passed within the Hillcrest program, an amazing transformation began to unfold. Rebecca, once weighed down by her past, started to discover a newfound independence and inner strength that she had never known before. She found her voice, a powerful one that could stand up to anyone attempting to dictate her life. Even though some people resisted this “new Rebecca,” her case manager Lisa reminded her, “The people who matter don’t mind, and the people who mind don’t matter.”

Since entering the program, Rebecca tackled three years’ worth of taxes, both personal property and federal, and caught the attention of a doctor who recognized her potential and offered her a job. Moreover, Rebecca managed to pay off over $5,400 in debt.

Rebecca acknowledges that she has become the embodiment of the saying “Be the change.” She has not only changed but has also reclaimed her life. In recent discussions with her case manager, Rebecca shared her dream of having her own place and welcoming a furry companion into her life—a cat.

In heartfelt words, Rebecca expresses her gratitude to the Hillcrest team: “I want to thank everybody here at Hillcrest for giving me my life back. I learned to stay away from the toxic people that I was hanging around with, and the men that used me. My heart was used, but I gained my strength back here.”

It’s clear that her appreciation for Merry, her counselor, is profound: “Merry, especially Merry, I love you. My life has changed, and I want to thank you for everything you did for me.”

As Rebecca moves forward, pursuing her dream of finding an apartment and welcoming her feline friend, she holds her head high. She knows she’s not giving up because she’s found herself again, and she’s determined to embrace the new life she’s created.