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Hillcrest Platte County Adult Housing Program

Alice’s Path: Conquering Fear at Hillcrest

When Alice first arrived at Hillcrest, she was scared and disorganized. She didn’t trust the program. However, with the guidance and support of her case manager, counselor, and house parent, Alice began to trust that she was in good hands. For the first time in years, Alice was reunited with her children.

Overwhelmed with the prospect of working, taking care of two kids, living on a budget, and keeping her apartment clean, Alice benefitted from every resource that was presented to her. These resources ranged from free haircuts for her children to counseling sessions for herself. Through the structure provided on campus, she began to believe that she was on the right track and capable of handling more than she had previously thought.

In just nine weeks of hard work and determination, Alice was able to graduate and move into stable housing. While at Hillcrest, she secured a better job, paid off over $2,350 in debt, and left with a secure savings account. Alice’s story is proof that with the right support and guidance and the willingness to work at it, anything is possible. We are excited to see what the future holds for Alice and her two children who were always eager to lend their helping hands.

From Alice, “Thank you to Hillcrest and all the people that volunteer, support, and work for Hillcrest. You’ve been a light in so many people’s lives including mine. Thank you for your kind hearts. You’re changing lives.”