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Hillcrest Platte County Adult Housing Program

Years of Homelessness to Success – Ivan’s Journey

Ivan’s journey with HPC housing began on April 21st of this year, carrying just a half-filled backpack. At first, he sought simple necessities like clothes and shoes, having been homeless for three years, resorting to couch surfing and hotel stays. Despite the initial defeatist attitude, Ivan’s transformation began through earnest conversations with his case manager. Confronting overwhelming issues, he discovered that many were manageable, and, with newfound confidence, he no longer feared facing challenges head-on.

Life skills sessions on Tuesday evenings became a pivotal part of Ivan’s progress. Interacting with others in similar situations, he found happiness within himself, realizing that external factors couldn’t bring joy. Grateful for the program, Ivan emphasized the importance of sticking to a budget and regaining personal happiness, highlighting how life can lose its luster when one loses oneself. Through perseverance and commitment, Ivan not only paid off debt but also increased his credit score. With a plan in place, he is set to move into his own apartment on December 1st.

Ivan’s case manager played a crucial role in guiding him and despite Ivan’s initial difficulties due to three years without responsibilities, the metaphorical “derailed train” of his life is back on track. Ivan also benefitted from the HPC Counseling Center and his story is now a testament to the transformative power of resilience, support, and a renewed sense of self-contentment.