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Hillcrest Platte County Young Adult Program Success

Empowered by Purpose: Amya’s Young Adult Journey at Hillcrest

Amya, our latest young adult graduate, spent roughly seven months in the Hillcrest program after finding herself with nothing after leaving an unstable home. She was at her rock bottom and had consequently drifted away from her church. 

When she first came to the program, she did not have her driver’s license, nor did she know how to drive. Amya took it upon herself to find a driving instructor, take lessons, learn how to manage a vehicle, obtain her license, and purchase her first car. She also completed two classes that were offered through her employer, the Park Hill School District; she was working full-time when she accomplished this. Through hard work, Amya was able to pay off over $7,500 in debt during her time at Hillcrest. She has purchased new glasses, built a savings account, and set a goal to someday begin her own nonprofit.

Amya, being a wonderful cook, will be working in the kitchen at a summer camp this year. While at Hillcrest, she poured back into the community by making meals for the life skills group and for other young adults. In addition, she offered instruction to another young adult who needed support. Now, Amya is active in her church again and serves as a women’s minister.

From Amya, “I want to thank everybody that has helped me on my journey here. I’ve learned as part of my testimony that God will provide all of your needs. Even in your lowest moments, He hears your cry. Just being here, God has revealed a lot to me. I have met a lot of different people from different walks of life and I believe that this was a part of my purpose and you all are a part of my purpose. God loves you all and He hears you. Don’t ever think that you’re in this life alone, you have a purpose. –My nonprofit is in the works and will be called Blooming Women of Essense; it will exist to help women in their walks with Christ.”