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J’s Story: Kim Lewis Yates Scholarship

During challenging circumstances, J. found solace and support at Hillcrest Platte County (HPC). Seeking refuge from an abusive family environment and unsafe living conditions, J. arrived at HPC with the determination to complete her high school education.

Upon joining the HPC family, J. not only found a safe haven but also a pathway to realizing her dreams. In her last semester of high school, she worked tirelessly to complete her education, overcoming obstacles that seemed insurmountable. With the unwavering support of the HPC community and the guidance of dedicated counselors, J. successfully graduated from high school – a remarkable achievement.

In turn, J. was awarded assistance from the Kim Lewis Yates scholarship. This scholarship paved the way for J. to pursue higher education at Kansas State University, opening doors to a brighter future. J.’s hard work and resilience have not only allowed her to achieve her immediate goals but have also positioned her on a path of continued success. As she embarks on her college journey, J.’s success serves as a testament to the life-changing impact of support, resilience, and the opportunities provided by the Hillcrest Platte County – Young Adult Housing Program.