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Joey and Justin Hillcrest Platte County Transitional Housing KCMO Graduates

A Journey of Transformation, Hope, and Renewed Relationships

Sometimes, all it takes is the right environment and support to turn lives around.

Joey and Justin’s story is a testament to the power of second chances, and the transformative impact of the HPC 90-day program and Next Steps to Success. From battling addiction to celebrating milestones like marriage, sobriety, and personal growth, their journey exemplifies the incredible potential for positive change.

The Path to Hillcrest

Joey and Justin found themselves at a crossroads. Their desire for a clean and sober living environment marked the first steps toward rebuilding their lives. Recognizing their need for a fresh start, they embraced the support and resources that Hillcrest offered, setting the stage for their journey of transformation.

Graduating to Success

As they progressed through the program, Joey and Justin’s commitment to bettering themselves shone brightly. Their dedication paid off, leading them to graduate and transition to the Next Steps to Success.

However, Joey and Justin’s journey didn’t stop at graduation – it was just the beginning. Both of them took the chance to secure better employment and Joey was promoted to a team lead position. Amidst their personal and professional successes, Joey and Justin celebrated a significant milestone – their first year of marriage. This achievement symbolized their commitment not only to each other but also to their journey of recovery.

A Journey of Sobriety

One of the most remarkable aspects of Joey and Justin’s journey is their unwavering commitment to sobriety. Over the course of 1 year and 8 months, they maintained a clean and sober lifestyle. Their triumph over addiction stands as a beacon of hope for those facing similar challenges.

The journey to recovery often involves more than just personal growth – it can also entail rebuilding relationships that may have been strained or broken due to addiction. Joey and Justin’s commitment to sobriety has allowed them to mend bridges with their parents and children.

A Future Filled with Promise

As Joey and Justin look ahead, they do so with hope. The obstacles they’ve overcome, the personal growth they’ve achieved, and the bonds they’ve mended have paved the way for a bright and promising future. Justin’s resolution of legal issues and his newfound ability to obtain a driver’s license are just a few examples of the fresh opportunities that lie ahead.

There’s no doubt that Joey and Justin’s future will be filled with even more accomplishments, milestones, and the promise of continued growth.