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HPC Participant Transport Driver

Platte County
Posted 2 months ago

Helping Homeless Families – Find Their Way Home

Reports to: HPC Housing Director

Part-time; hours may vary 

Salary: Starting at $19


POSITION SUMMARY: The primary function of the HPC Participant Transport Driver is to see that participants in the Adult and Young Adult program are safely transported to work, appointments, meetings, and community services. The Driver plans, coordinates, and executes individual transportation needs as required. Under the direction of the HPC Housing Director, the Driver will serve as an integral part of the HPC Support Team.  



  • Plan out and establish vehicle routes and schedules for participants to access necessary support services
    • Transportation provided M-F, 8:00 am-10:00 pm; transportation outside this timeframe can be arranged on individual basis as need arises
    • When more than 1 participant is needing transportation at the same time, driver will possibly need to stagger delivery times to accommodate everyone, resulting in approx. 30 minute early arrival or a 30 minute delay in pickup to take home
    • Ride requests for work submitted on a weekly basis to Case Manager
      • Submission of weekly schedule given to Driver by case manager
      • Cancellation of scheduled transport needs to be communicated by participant to Driver at least 1 hour prior to scheduled ride
    • Limited transportation available if work schedules should change
  • Participant transportation requests can be made directly to Driver if Case Manager is unavailable
  • If the need arises, Driver will wait at destination for up to 60 minutes and bring participant back after their business is conducted if Driver schedule allows
  • Driver will report any instance of accident, injury or damage to a participant or vehicle as soon as possible
  • Driver will “clock in” when leaving home to travel to pickup participant, and “clock out” when driver arrives back at their home, with a minimum of 1 hour increments
  • Driver will track mileage involved for roundtrip: (driver’s home to participant pickup to destination to driver’s home) when using their own vehicle
  • Driver will document on Driver Log participant usage: name, date, time, location of destination
  • If more than 2 participants are needing transportation at the same time, the HPC Van will be utilized, otherwise Driver will use their own vehicle

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