Apply for Housing

At Hillcrest Platte County (HPC) we provide rent and utility free apartments for the working homeless at multiple locations. While staying in our fully furnished apartments you sign a written contract to participate in our transitional or young adult housing programs. Both programs have very rigorous educational components focusing on budgeting, life skills, community living, and case management. Please read the following very carefully and follow the instructions to apply to either the Young Adult Housing Program (YAH) or our Transitional Housing Program (THP).

All Program Applicant Requirements

  1. All participants in our 90-day Transitional Housing program must be able to find and maintain full time employment.
  2. Transitional and Young Adult Housing program participants must be able to attend weekly sessions for life skills, case management, and budgeting.
  3. Young Adult Housing program participants must have an educational goal and be willing to find 10-15 hours per week of employment.

Transitional Housing Program

HPC Transitional Living Program is for working singles, couples, or families staying in Platte County. This program is a short term transitional program for 90-days in which participants must save or pay off debt in order to move into a home of their own. THP participants must agree by written contract to attend weekly meetings with case managers, budget counselors, and life skills coordinators. Once contacted, all applicants must leave a voicemail daily on our check in line to be considered for an interview. When we have an opening available we call those who have been checking in daily first to be interviewed. Getting an interview does not guarantee you will be selected to move in. We are trying to determine who would be the best fit for the program and will give you next steps after the interview as to if you will be offered placement. We have a list of other transitional programs on our resource page and we encourage everyone to apply to more than one transitional living program should you find that you need this sort of assistance in the KC Metro area.

Young Adult Housing Program

HPC Young Adult Housing Program provides safe housing, supportive case management, educational and employment guidance with life skills classes for homeless young adults and/or teen parents between the ages of 18-24. Participants may remain in the program based upon the desired life track chosen. This program is designed with four different tracks including a college, trade specific high school/Hi-set, as well as career and employment tracks to ensure participants graduate the program with a skill set that will provide them higher than minimum wage employment.

In order to be considered for the Young Adult Housing Program please fill out the following application and call (816) 431-2525 to learn next steps for consideration into our program.